Day by day the technologies have become quite a handful for the people of this generation. Every day we find a new way to make our work easier and quicker. The children and teenagers today do not realize how lucky they are to have all the gadgets available for them that make their education much more convenient.

Some gadgets today are easy to be kept in pockets and bags. It is easy for businessmen to take anywhere for work purpose and students for classes.

          Here are some gadgets which are quite useful for you and easily found online.

Pocket Printer

The picture which you are seeing above is portable and wireless pocket printer which you can carry anywhere you like. It works with your laptops and androids. For laptops, you can use it through Bluetooth connection in order to print anything. For androids, you need to take pictures of any particular document to get the print out you want in an A4 size paper. You just have to have your A4 size paper with and lie the portable printer on it in order to get the hard copy of your work.  It is very useful for those who need their documents often printed as soon as possible. Students can use these for their school work and some businessmen for their work. It is rechargeable and can be taken anywhere you like.

Pocket Scanner

This pocket scanner is quite similar to the pocket printer. It is portable and can be taken anywhere you like. It can scan from the smallest document to the biggest. You can even scan and directly post it on facebook or even email to anyone right away. You just need to click the top button of this pocket scanner and it will automatically scan anything within a flash. Just make sure you have your document in front of you and distant the scanner according to the size of your document. Its battery lasts for 12 hours or in other words after 1000 documents scanned. Just like the pocket printer, you can find this as the smallest scanner.

BricksPower: A True Wireless Charger

Brickspower is sort of a power bank which can charge your phone without any plug connection. This chocolate bar looking power bank is the best you can ever have as other power banks are heavy to carry. The usual power bank makes it even difficult to carry as you already holding your phone too. With this brickspower, you can always have your phone charged without any worries for low battery plus it is wireless and also used a stand for your phone. This can charge your phone twice a day. It is best for iPhone users.


This snapstyk might look the same as a selfie stick but the difference is that this stick is already installed in your phone cover which would become convenient for you to carry. This snapstyk is a phone cover in which the stick is already connected to it. As selfie stick is separate from the phone and takes time to connect, this snapstyk will only be connected once and can be used at any time. As nowadays everyone is crazy for selfies or in need of a stand for their phone then this snapstyk it’s the best option they got in
this generation.


If your phone contains a wireless charging then this adcase is very useful for those who own an iPhone as when iPhone falls from your hand, the screen breaks easily and in order to get a new screen the price of it is equal to a new iPhone. Just as car has an airbag for your safety, same as this case has its own kind of airbag for phone safety. This case contains a sensor mode that when it is about to drop, it will automatically open up its wing for safety and you will find no harm in your phone whatsoever. No matter how high your phone is dropping or how quickly is falling down, with the help of sensor mode the wings from the corner of the case would automatically open just seconds before it drops. Plus with this case your phone can be automatically charged itself. What more can an iPhone user want?

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