Best Healthiest Fruits

Best Healthiest Fruits

As we all should know that fruit is one of the most healthiest we can eat today as other products such as chicken, meat, cake, bread etc are not quite helpful for us in the today time. Fruits are extremely nutritious and filled with vitamins. Some says that eating fruits only can help you massively with your weight loss and give you a glow skin. Fruits are the best thing we can have in our life some just does not value it much.

In the today world, some people are using different sorts of chemical to grow the fruits and some are adding color to make it only look juicy while it may not be at all. But it is not necessary that all fruits are fake and we cannot eat it, we can definitely eat and we can most surely give try by looking for the real ones.

Let’s talk about the healthiest fruits for our body and the most nutrition ones.


If anyone is looking forward to lose some weight and needs to watch out their diet, they can definitely eat peaches as they might want something sweet and tasty for their tongue. Two peaches are equal to one banana. Peach helps you develop a glow looking skin and you may also add them to a sugarless desert to add some sweetness.


If you want to start your breakfast with something healthy, then eating out half of the grapefruit can be the most beneficial breakfast one can have. Grapefruit is filled with vitamin C and it is best for a diabetes patient to have some as they can have a healthy body and stay active. Like I said, taking just having half of the grapefruit does 

wonder, half of it contains almost 50 percent of vitamin C which you can cover throughout the day. It is one of the healthiest citrus fruit.


An apple a day keeps a doctor away, it is a good theory and people have accepted this theory as they really to keep good all day. Not necessarily that you would not ever go to the doctor but there are high chances in which you would go less and stay healthy all day. Who does not like to stay healthy and active throughout their life?  Eating apple leads you 

to weight loss and boosts your metabolism. Those who eat apples are likely to face less high blood pressure problem. The apple is one of the best fruit one can eat!


The king of the fruit is a mango; it is surprising how some do not really know that. Mango is a very juicy fruit and it is mostly found in the summer season as it is fresh during the time. It promotes your bone growth and gives you a healthy immune system. It also gives more vitamin C as compared to oranges. Plus it contains soluble fiber. Mangoes also reduce risk of diseases and keep you healthy.


Strawberries are also very nutritious fruits. They also contain vitamin C. It is a refreshing fruits; you can have them in many things such as desert or as a drink. Similar to other berries, strawberry contains high antioxidant capacity. Studies have found that strawberries prevent cancer and tumor formation. It also reduces risk of chronic diseases.


Pineapple, one of the most loved fruit. It comes in pieces, chunks and slices. It is one of the most refreshing fruits. It reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Also increases fertility. It is a very healthy fruit. Pineapple can really refreshes your day.


Some say that if you eat a banana a day, can really keep a doctor away for good. Bananas are very well known for their high ability in potassium. One medium banana provides 12% of the RDI for this mineral. Bananas give you the benefits of exercise, blood sugar control and digestive health. Banana can help you avoid some junk food as well if you take it for snack.


Orange is a very refreshing fruit. Orange has a significant amount of vitamin C. It also has potassium.  Orange reduces the chance of kidney stone. It is important for vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. Having just one orange a day provides 130 percent of your daily dose of vitamin C. making juices out of fresh orange can really brighten your day.

As you can see, there are numbers of fruit which provides you nutrition and gives you a healthy body. They benefit you in your skin as well and make you look fresh all day.

It is important that we make a habit of eating fruits daily in our life.

We must understand the important of fruits and their benefits for us. One can lose weight and stay healthy at the same with benefits of fruits.