Modern Technology

Technology is the practical application of science to commerce or industry. We all know that the world is changing and so are the people that’s why we observe different changings in our lives and in our environment. Today the life is much more different than what it used to be in the past. The people are getting smarter and more advanced, new things are invented, new techniques are applied in order to get something different etc. etc. and it is all possible because of science and artificial technology.

Comparison Of Past With Present

We are all familiar with our past but the present looks more beautiful and convenient than our past because in the past there was no facility of communication, transportation or getting yourself updated from day to day happenings due to having no proper arrangement or technology. In the past, people used to talk to one another in different ways. Some of them used to use different signs to talk with, some of them would use images through which other people could understand and interprets the message which would be given by someone else and of course, it was very old fashioned and sometimes very difficult to understand but today with the help of new technology, we can talk to any person in the matter of seconds or less. Today the distance doesn’t make any difference. You can talk to your friends and love ones very easily and very fast through internet no matter how far they are, you can convey your message in the matter of seconds whether if it is through text or video calls, as if they are sitting next to you and you are talking to them. I mean, who would have thought about   YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Yahoo etc.?

In the same way, there wasn’t any proper way of transportation from one place to another so the people would either walk on foot or on the back of animals which would take a lot of time to reach their destination. It is pretty obvious that it was time consuming and very tiring indeed but today with the help of technology, we can travel in a matter of minutes or hours by cars, train, boat etc. which would take a lot in the past. We can reach other countries in a few hours by plane and enjoy our traveling and it is all possible today because of modern technology has changed our lives.

Moreover, the information flows form one place to another and reach us in a matter of seconds because of media and internet. Today even if a smallest accident occurs in any part of the world, the information is delivered to us in a matter of seconds and we watch it on Television, and on the screen of our cell phones. It is like you can’t miss anything which is happening in the real world and you get yourself updated all the time without any difficulty. All you have to do is just to open a data connection and or turn your televisions on.

Social Media And Technology

You can raise your voice against anything which is happening illegally in your society on social media, like Facebook, Twitter etc. and convey this voice to the highest authorities. You can watch any video about any topic on YouTube, whether if it is concerned to a medical field, engineering, computer, etc. any field you wish to know and YouTube helps you provide all the information just on one click. With the help of these you can get education at home by watching these videos or getting some online courses on different websites not only these you can also earn money by making your own YouTube channel. In the same way you can improve your English by finding native speaking partners on Facebook and chat or calls them. 

Disadvantages Of Technology Has Changed Our Lives

We know that everything else has pros and cons. On one hand if the benefits of technology are many but on other hand it has also some disadvantages which must be considered. We all know that technology is helping us, isn’t it? Of course it is, but it is also affecting us very badly. The new generation is spending a lot of time on social media and engaged in very unpleasant things which badly affects their lives and also health.

Technology is making them alone and pushing them in the state of solitude. They are not aware of their lives and real world neither do they give any attention to their elders rather they are becoming disrespectful and creating bad habits, specially teenagers. Not only this, they are engaged in different crimes because of this. In the future our technology will become our enemy and the same robots that we are creating will fight us and destroy our way of life they might take control of our lives and living and this could lead to the termination of human beings and we could be thrown back to our stone age. As the saying goes “Neither high nor low, everting should be in a limit”’.

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