Best Toddler Meal Idea

Every mom and dad love their children and they want to give their best to keep them happy and give them the best they can. When a baby is born, it comes in a new world and experience different scenarios. The first food which is given to the baby is the breast milk to keep its nutrition in balance and rid him of hunger but as the time goes on the baby becomes a little bigger and so does his needs. Normally they live on the breast milk or artificial formula which performs the job of milk and give the nutrition to the baby and that often happens for 8 to 10 months which is a perfect time for a baby to cope with the breast milk but when they cross the age limit from 8 to 10 months then comes the solid food which helps in giving some extra calories to the baby.

Normally which is the starting point for the baby to adjust himself to the solid food which is a bit difficult at the start because the baby who was living his life on breast-milk is now changing its diet and shifting from liquid to solid. Although, it is obvious, that baby will not accept any of these solid foods so you don’t have to force him for it because it is not something that you can impose forcefully on your child. If they don’t want to take the solid food give them sometimes so that they can understand then you can give it a try to see whether they are ready or not but don’t force.

How To Know That Your Baby Is Full ?



Well, it is obvious that everyone who has had enough they stop eating, in the same way when the baby eats to its fullest they stop eating. so there are some of the warning which is given by the baby to stop.

  1. It is possible that the baby will start crying and stop eating even if you force him.
  2. He may shout and push the spoon away from himself and start making farting sounds.
  3. It is possible that the baby will start playing with the food and put his both hands in it.
  4. He will start moving from his place and try to run away when you give him the food. Etcetc

Safety Measurement By The Time You Give Him Solid Food

One and the most important thing that the parents face is to make sure the food is soft and it can easily be ingested. Because it is very common with every baby that can choke the food and that could be deadly. Before giving anything solid to your baby, you have to make sure that it is very soft and not that hard or solid to take and comfortable to digest easily because when the food is too hard the baby will throw it out and it can also stick in the throat.

30 Simple Kid MEALS (With Very Little COOKING)

  1. Nut butter and boiled bananas
  2. Sandwiches with some delicious jam on it.
  3. cheese chopped to liquid and also butter paste
  4. Tacos with beans, cheese, and/or condiment
  5. veggies, fruits and soft bread (make sure that all of them are soft enough to take)
  6. Pancakes (from the freezer and let it be warm enough that becomes soft and edible.)
  7. Homemade soup or probably you could use canned soap
  8. Pasta with jarred sauce
  9. Boiled peas (boiled enough to become so soft)
  10. Vegetarian taco dish (deconstructed if needed) with cut cos lettuce, beans or chicken, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and/or avocado
  11. Chicken gravy with soft bread
  12. Boiled rice with soft peas on it.
  13. Quinoa with Peas
  14. Avocado is also best and delicious for the babies
  15. Ham Chinese fried rice
  16. soft cheese with delicious sausage
  17. Cheese and/or food shop meat sandwiches or wraps
  18. Fresh berries
  19. Boiled eggs with sauce
  20. Snack plates with humus, fruit, veggies, and cheese
  21. Mangoes slices on bread
  22. Smoothies
  23. English muffin pizza pie
  24. Oatmeal with edible fruit
  25. Sheet Pan Chicken
  26. Muffins with cheese or paste and fruit
  27. Burgers without chilies and spices
  28. Chocolate chip pancake
  29. Tortellini (with a favorite jarred sauce)
  30. Scrambled eggs with toast

Healthy Babies Have Healthy Life And Positive Future

The babies who are healthy have healthy life style and they become well-developed in their lives. They can fight any disease and they have strong immune system and fight with any bad situation of life. They are active in study. They can work fast and active as compare to those who don’t have this power and ability. In short, if you take care of the child nutrition in reality you are taking care of their bright future.

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