what is area 51

Area 51 is the common name of a highly classified the United States Air Force (USAF) facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range and is a kind of mysterious place you have ever seen in life.

This is the reality of life that people are attracted mostly towards mysterious places whether it belongs to superstitious or natural phenomenon, everyone wants to know the secrets of hidden places and things which have not been discovered yet. The same is the case with Area 51 which many people believe is the place of magic and full of mysteries but no one knows exactly what lies in this mysterious place and what exactly is going in this mysterious area which is called “Area 51” which is located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada. So let’s make it more interesting by telling you some mysterious information about this place to make you informed of this so-called place Area 51.

What is Hidden in Area 51?

Many people believe that the US army is responsible for spreading this rumor to keep people away of this place and never let them come closer to this area because according to the locals they believe that this place is used for making nuclear weapons and it is a training base for the US soldiers. Some people believe that it has captured aliens and UFO spacecraft and doing different experiments on the aliens and checking their technologies. It is believed that the people who work there have a very restricted environment. They don’t talk to each other so often and keep silent while going out and in and the building where they work is closed and have special mirrors by which no one can be seen from outside it is also believed that the people who work there have a special place where they are picked and dropped in the same place and the plane for this area has no special name but has a long red line on the it. Some people claim that they have seen different UFO space crafts over the area and they believe they make contact in this area with human beings. Some believe that the “Neil Armstrong” who was the first man to step on the moon is supposed to be wrong because they believe he put his first step on this land and not the moon and the picture you can see was taken in area 51, not the moon itself. The Hillary Rodham Clinton who is the politician of the US has once said that once I get elected, I will expose the secrets of area 51 to the public but unfortunately because of too many opponents and the US govt. itself was against Hillary Rodham Clinton and she didn’t get elected by the American people and thus the hope of exposing the secret of this place remained the same. A question arises here that if she was going to expose the secrets of area 51 then why the US govt. is trying to hide the reality of this place. I mean everyone is keen to know about this place. Everyone wants to see and hear the truth regarding area 51.  Many people are trying to get through the fence to find out what’s going on the other side of the fence but so far no one has made it.

What is the Reality Behind Area 51?

Well, to be honest, the reality of this place will remain a mystery because no one has any solid evidence and proof regarding this place but according to some information I gathered from different people is that it has all the modern nuclear weapons which are prepared and used for the sake of war purposes. Some believe that the US soldiers don’t want to leak the information regarding this place because they believe some information should not be exposed, God knows what they are hiding and what lies in this place but it has kept everyone in doubt. A spacecraft was captured and was taken for the testing and to know about the aliens and it was given in the newspaper as well along with the picture of aliens but later on the US govt. was trying to hide the reality and they said it was just a balloon which was floating in the air and there is no such thing as the alien has found and the govt. tried to cover the reality behind this but later on, a man claimed that he saw an alien ship and it was so clear and he interviewed the people but later the govt. forbidden him to say anything to anyone since then he didn’t say a word and in this way, the reality behind the area 51 remained the same.

What do you Think will be in Area 51?

In my opinion, there could be anything taking from aliens to the US military base. The way US govt. is trying to hide the information behind it, seems like there is something special going on which will be either belong to aliens or the activities of US soldiers. No matter whatever it is, it should be exposed to the public because they want to know and this is the right of American people to know what’s going on in their country. The US is a democratic country so hiding something from the public is like messing with the democracy of the US and people. I have given my opinion about area 51, what is yours??? write your opinion in comment