What is Cloud Server and how does it work?

What Is Cloud Server?

Could server is very advanced and a fast server as compared to others and it was invented by Joseph Carl Robert Licklider in 1960s and his mission was to connect more and more data and people from different sites at the same time. It is a virtual server instead of physical one and the best thing about it is that it runs in a cloudy like computing surrounding which means that the files and other data which you want to use or store can be done by this service very easily. The reason it is called cloud computing platform is that it runs through the internet and it is built and hosted as well by it. It works as an independent unit which means it can work on its own and could be accessed remotely from different locations. It is connected with several servers which makes it so easy and powerful to be accessed from many locations without having any problem and without any obstruction or burden. it serves the web hosting, software use, sharing, and data hosting.

Name Of The Best Cloud Servers

Advantages of Cloud Server

  1. It is very important for any business user because  its performance and ability. It can save time and it is also safe and stable all you have to do is just to log in from anywhere while as compared to the environment, it is a bit risky and problematic to keep your data safe and out of the hands of people.
  2. And one of the best thing about it that if the server is overloaded by others, it won’t affect your server, unlike the physical one which creates problems while doing it. The other beautiful thing about it is that it safe time and is stable and fast which saves the business revenue and also the extra expenses incurred by it because their users will do a lot of work in short time and can be stored and accessed the same data anytime from anywhere without having any difficulty.
  3. On the other hand, if we talk about the money which is used for a physical server is way more a lot than cloud because of the flexibility of the cloud server, everyone wants to have this for its better features and fast work which is, of course, the need of today’s business.
  4. It is affordable quick and reliable as compared to a physical one.

How Safe Is The Cloud Server?

what is cloud server

 It is said that once you store your data in cloud service you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Well from this statement is obvious that it is the only place which is very safe for the data of business or day to day data that we have in our cell phone. It is not only safe our time but also money. Just like the money is safe in a bank the same way the data gets safe in the cloud server.

Reality of Cloud Service Provider

As a matter of fact, these are big organizations which deal with a lot of information coming in and going out and control a huge amount of data through servers. They don’t compromise on their business. They provide better and well service to the users especially small businesses. It is used worldwide and specially the businesses are getting benefit from this service and improving the quality of their business besides these the common users also use it to store and access their data very easily from different locations through internet which is safe and fast and reliable. Over the past few years, many users are attracted towards these services and very few of them are using the physical servers which is absolutely the wastage of money and time and also risk their data by not having a proper arrangement to keep it safe.


If we compare it with other physical servers we can easily find out that it is modern, safe, stable, and reliable server. Many people have shifted from physical to virtual server because of its reputation and convenience.