Health Is Wealth

Health is wealth and no one can deny this reality. Good health depends upon the good food that we take that’s why the breakfast, lunch and dinner should be contained on balance diet but must of them the breakfast is the one we should be focused on because if you take a good breakfast it is enough for you to keep you healthy and strong. To emphasize this statement, the American author “Adele Davis” said, “have your breakfast like a king, launch like a princess and dinner like a worker”.

Those people who have their breakfast very well, they keep fit and healthy the whole day and those who don’t face a lot of challenges and suffer from different problems like, mental depression, fatigue, and face nervous problems.

The present life is moving very fast and we don’t get enough time to think about these things and also we face a lot of problems and depression in life which affects our lives and put in mind when the mental depression increases, so to handle this depression the mind releases two hormones, which is called “Adrenalin” and “Cortisol”. Both of them function to resist the depression and tension and if this depression continuous on for a long time the man can get old sooner than usual. You would never want to get old that fast right! or you feel a continuous fatigue because in this situation you can get sick. If your body produces more hormones, its consequences could be in the form of obesity. Moreover, you can get diabetes type  and you could also get the Dementia.

What To Eat In Breakfast ?

Now the question arises in mind that what to eat in breakfast?

You always make your breakfast in such a way which is full of balance diet, for example, milk, eggs, curd, bread and nuts.

According to modern analysis, the seeds of pumpkin and banana is full of magnesium so it is helpful in making your tight parts of body to loose. Eggs, curd, bread, seeds of pumpkins and butter is the great source of vitamin B and is also helpful in decreasing or even finish the mental depression. The eggs and curd have amino acid. This acid is made in a human brain by Serotonin. This part is said to be responsible for controlling our anger and emotions and its excess gives us happiness and that is the reason it is called “hormone of happiness”.

Benefits Of Food Used In Breakfast

  1. Eggs:

                   Egg is a great source of protein and calcium and keeps our bones strong and                                 healthy and also give us protection by providing us protein.

  1. Curd:

      Curd is also very rich of calcium and is used mostly in summer season to keep our body a          little bit cooler.


  1. Bread:

            It is also a good source of protein and keep the balance of sugar normal by which we                 don’t use any exhaustion and we can focus on our work better.

  1. Farina:

                The maze farina is very healthy for breakfast it contains such vitamins which gradually absorbs with other food in body and the benefit of this is to keep our sugar level normal and the body get a nice amount of nutrition in morning.

The Usual Work Affects Our Health

Nowadays, many women work as well, most of them have very tough jobs like they have to focus on many things at the same time, and for that, it is needed to be strong and active. If you have the deficiency of water in the body, it can affect your focus. Drinking juices and taking tea is a great source of refilling it.

When we wake up, we start working all day and we get tired and exhausted but a perfect breakfast is a great source for all of them. Our body rests all night and during sleep, it gets nourished that’s why it needs fuel to get its nourishment and it could be fulfilled with a healthy breakfast. Being  empty stomach, it is very difficult to perform any task and it can badly affect our health in so many ways. That’s why you make it a habit to have a good breakfast not only you but also recommend it to your family and friends because “A healthy mind has a healthy body”.

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