Smoking Facts

Why Do People Smoke?

Everyone knows about the harmful effects of cigarettes and it is reality that smoking for a long time can cause lung cancer and heart diseases but some smokers don’t take it in considering, they take it as positive for them they believe that smoking could make them active and their minds become relaxed and they also believe that it improves their focus. as it really

possible that cigarettes have possible side effects on our health? No, this is not the reality. If the smokers believe like this so they are in a big misunderstanding. Let’s take a survey that what damages are caused by smoking.

Damage to Brain

When you smoke, so by the time of smoking and especially when you inhale and its smoking goes down to your throat within 10 seconds the nicotine digest into your blood and it destroys that barriers which protects your brain and after that the nicotine affects the Brain’s cells. when you smoke the first cigarette, it includes the 5 mg nicotine digest in your bloodstream which hugely affects our body chemicals which increase the flow of blood to your brain.when you take five sips of cigarettes, you believe that your mind is feeling healthy and believe your mind has much more potential as compared to others and you can focus better than anyone else and that you can think better than others but the reality is it doesn’t make your mind active by smoking a cigarette, it is the effect of protein which excites your mind and it is the first level but when you enter the second level and after 30  minutes the same nicotine that you inhaled through smoking and was digested in your bloodstream decreases and you believe that the potential and energy of your mind has decreased then again you smoke another cigarette and you believe that the energy level has raised and you feel excited and your performance will improve again. 

The changes occur in your situation, and nicotine again excites your mind and you feel the same way again. On smoking the second crate, the controversy environment is imposed on you. By smoking the first cigarette, your mind becomes excited, while on second one your mind feels relaxed and joyful but after sometimes it feels so depressed and lazy. After 30 minutes passes by, you feel strange and lazy and your focus from work moves away and you become distracted. your focus and gaze only is upon the pack of cigarette and you feel the urge of nicotine just like in the same way, the way a common man feels the urge for chocolate and he becomes addicted to it. Nicotine changes the balance and circumstances of the brain because when the brain gets the nicotine it works properly and normally and when it doesn’t get the nicotine, it gets disturbed and distracted and inactive. Continuous smoking can cause distraction, anxiety, insomnia, and also increases the heart rate. Recently, the air companies in America prevented pilots to smoke during the journey. It is because their minds can affect this. Moreover, it contains the carbon monoxide, and oxygen gas burns out because of carbon monoxide.

The red blood cells carry the oxygen to all the cells of the body but having carbon mono oxide in the blood, the blood can’t absorb the oxygen properly and carry it to the whole cells of the body. So because of this process, the level of Red Blood Cells decreases to an alarming level and it increases the chances of death.

From every cigarette, the 20 mg quantity of carbon monoxide enters your lungs and because of this process, 3 to 9 percent of oxygen burns out and continued smoking can decrease this level up to 10 percent. The brain doesn’t function properly and it’s working capacity decreases.

It is known from research and observation that smokers can perform their work properly in their daily life unless there should not be complexity in the task. For example, he can drive a car but if one tire of their car has punctured during driving, he won’t be able to deal with it while those who don’t smoke will perform it very nicely and properly.

A pilot who smokes can fly a plane but he can get confused and face a lot of problems in the situation of emergency, it is because due to smoking his mind doesn’t work properly and the capacity of mind to work properly is shut so when they face such kind of situation, they try to find the solution and work instantly but they can’t because of the inability of the brain which is destroyed because of smoking.

Damage to Heart

Why Do People Smoke?

 The heart is a very delicate organ and performs a very basic function of the body which is transporting blood to your brain and all the organs. Smoking is really a dangerous thing because it damages the lining of your arteries, which we know that is leading to making up of fatty material which narrows the arteries which surely can cause angina, a heart attack or a stroke. The carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood which in returns very harmful for your heart to function properly so for that reason the smoking must be stopped.

Damage to Lungs

The lung is a very delicate organ as well which performs the function of inhaling and exhaling of oxygen in the process of respiration. Smoking can cause lung disease by damaging your airways and the small air sacs (alveoli) which are found in your lungs. Lung diseases which are caused by smoking include COPD, which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Cigarette smoking causes most cases of lung cancer.


In short, smoking is a process of slow death. People can live without smoking. It is a silent killer which does not allow you to know and it does its work within your body and gradually puts you in the way of death. it contains nicotine and carbon monoxide which is very dangerous and burns our oxygen and damages the imperative function of our organs, so if you want to live better you must quit smoking and focus on a healthy lifestyle. Leave smoking and increase your life.